We are here to serve and pamper you

Welcome to Manta Raya.

Guest Satisfaction is our Priority

We thoroughly enjoy serving you and we do our utmost so that your stay at Manta Raya becomes an unforgettable experience for you , one that you will talk and reminisce on when you return home, and hopefully for years to come.

We put a lot of effort into making sure, that your most valuable time of the year – your vacation – becomes a memorable and cherished experience.

We treat our guests with respect just like we want to be treated.

Meet Our Staff



I am making sure that you have a perfect overall stay.

Amaya Bar 2


I am in charge of the restaurant and bar, but help out, wherever help is needed. Try my Basil Mojito.

Greydi Huipil


Cooking and baking are my passion. Let me surprise you with delicious meals for which I use the best and freshest ingredients available.



I make sure that the pool is in a great shape and take care of our garden, flowers and herbs.

Eugenia Huipil


I love to prepare yummy breakfast and lunch dishes and help out occasionally with the cleaning of the rooms.

Mari Huipil


I am the “Jack of all Trades”, I found my love for the kitchen, but I also like being a bar tender and help out as a waitress.

Tania Huipil


I make sure that the rooms are clean and the laundry is done, and I also do get more involved in the kitchen.

Lucia Huipil 2


I ensure that your room is the cleanest it can be and that the laundry is done.

9 Mancha


I am the watch dog; unfortunately I gained a few pounds due to the yummy food here, so PLEASE do not feed me, as I still have a job to do!